Legal Protection for Investigative Reporting

Reporters Shield is a membership program that defends investigative reporting around the world from legal threats meant to silence critical voices. Because without investigative reporting, the public doesn’t get the truth.

Welcome to Reporters Shield

Reporters Shield helps reduce the risk of lawsuits through training and also funds legal assistance to fight lawsuits meant to intimidate and financially burden reporters (such as “strategic lawsuits against public participation,” or SLAPPs). Reporters Shield is a solution to the increasing danger these lawsuits pose to investigative journalism in the public interest.

“SLAPPs are filed to financially exhaust journalists and media. That’s why financial support is very important. Reporters Shield means journalists won’t have to worry if they will be able to pay lawyers, court costs, and other expenses.”

Bojana Jovanović
Bojana Jovanović

Deputy Editor in Chief, KRIK in Serbia

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