Reporters Shield Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in Reporters Shield! Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. We will review and respond to every application and keep your data confidential. We will contact you in case we need additional information and to keep you informed of the status of your
application, which may take several weeks.

We are accepting applications worldwide.

If you have queries or require assistance, please email
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Type of Organization:
Business address including country: Country(ies) that the organization’s reporting usually covers (i.e., where do you primarily work?)

Short description of the organization’s reporting: (what is the organization’s mission and areas of focus?)

Does the organization currently, or plan to, engage in investigative reporting?

General stories published last year:
General stories published two years ago:
General stories published three years ago:
Investigative stories published last year:
Investigative stories published two years ago:
Investigative stories published three years ago:

Total number of editorial staff, including contractors/freelancers as well as employees, and including full-time as well as part-time: Please briefly describe the organizational governance structure, ownership and management of the organization:
Total revenue last year:
Total revenue two years ago:
Total revenue three years ago:

Does the organization have insurance to cover legal defense for defamation or similar lawsuits?

    If so, please provide following information:

  • Type of coverage including geographical
  • Name of insurer
  • Maximum covered amount
  • Name of the insured
  • Premium (monthly or annually)
  • Duration of coverage
  • Do you intend to continue or replace insurance you currently have
  • Deductible if any

In the last five years, have you, your journalists, or others associated with the organization been sued or threatened with a lawsuit? How did you learn about Reporters Shield? Is there any additional information you would like to share?